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Terms & Conditions

Hire Information

The Deposit

  • The hire is for one day.
  • To hire for a second day, the hire fee and deposit will be double.
  • Hire for a second day is subject to availability, and will be allowed on the discretion of Googoo Gaga.
  • We normally deliver in the morning and collect in the late afternoon.
  • Delivery & Collection times depend on the times of your party or function, distance, and other bookings on the day.
  • Final arrangements for the delivery times will be made before the party.
  • Should you want to keep the toys overnight:
    • The deposit will be double.
    • If you want us to collect the following day, the hire fee and transport fee will also be double.
    • If you return the toys, the toys must be returned before 8 AM the following day.
    • If the toys are delivered after 8 AM, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • The person who hires the toys, and/or their authorised signatory, has to be present when the toys are offloaded AND when the toys are collected. If neither is present, in either situation, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • We require some personal documents for security purposes.
  • The deposit is 100% refundable via EFT within 7 days after the party, if everything is in order. We love our toys – and so will you! – and although we don’t mind dirty toys after the party, we do mind if the toys are damaged. Our toys are high quality, and expensive to replace. So we ask that you take care of the toys, and we charge the deposit as an incentive to that end.
  • The deposit amount depends on the following:
    • how many bases you are hiring
    • if the party is at a private residence
    • if the party is at a venue, but it is a private party
    • if the party is at a venue, and it is a public event
  • The deposit is not partially refundable. Should the deposit be withheld, the full deposit will be withheld.
  • A compounded deposit may be charged, depending on the circumstances, and at the discretion of Googoo Gaga.
  • Inaccurate information given in the quote, may result in the deposit being withheld.


The Booking Fee

  • Transport costs includes delivery and collection.
  • Transport is calculated at an average of R3.25/km, both ways.
  • You are welcome to collect the toys, but note that a large bakkie (no canopy or rollbars) or trailer may be required, depending on what you booked.
  • When you collect the toys, the deposit is double.
  • Approval for collection is at the sole discretion of Googoo Gaga.
  • To book the date, a minimum payment of R300 is required. No booking is official until at least this fee has been received.
  • The booking fee is already included in your quote.
  • Please note that should you cancel, the R300 booking fee is not refundable.
  • If you paid the full amount in advance, and cancel, the R300 will be forfeited, and the rest refunded.
  • Should you cancel within 7 days of the party, all monies paid will be forfeited.

The Quote

  • When you receive your quote, and you are happy with your quote, you have to pay at least the minimum booking fee, for us to book the date for you. We cannot book the date without the Booking Fee.
  • Banking details for payment will be sent with the full quotation.
  • The balance of the quote can be paid anytime before the party, and cash on the day of the party (before we offload the toys) is also accepted.
  • Once you have paid the minimum booking fee, the quote is set. Should you wish to change anything, a R50 penalty will be charged.
  • The quote is valid for 7 days. If you do not accept the quote within the 7 days, it is subject to change.
  • Payment of the booking fee/full amount constitutes acceptance of the quote, as well as of the terms and conditions.