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The Googoo Gaga Party Fund

The Googoo Gaga Play Fund is a brand new fund, established to give back to the community.

We want to sponsor parties for kiddies that are less fortunate or who have special circumstances, who cannot afford to have an unforgettable FUN party with soft play toys.

As from 1 November 2018, R20 from every party booked will be donated to the fund.  

Donations to the Googoo Gaga Party Fund can also be made by depositing into this account: 

Googoo Gaga Party Fund, Capitec Savings, 1606848818, Branch code 470010    –    Ref nr: GGDonate

Nominate a little one

Should you know of someone who is going through a rough time, whose life might be made a little brighter by having Googoo Gaga Soft Toys at their next birthday party, you can nominate them here. 

Keep this in mind:

  • nominated children must be under 5 years of age
  • special schools, charities, etc. can also be nominated
  • the party date must be fixed, and at least 6 months away
  • all parties involved must be contactable, and willing participants
  • the party address must preferably not be more than 90km away from Vereeniging, Gauteng
  • All parties involved must be available on the booked date 

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions:

  • The Googoo Gaga Party Fund is not a registered charity organisation, or NPO
  • Donations to the Googoo Gaga Party Fund are not tax deductable
  • All funds donated to the Fund will be used exclusively for its intended purpose of sponsoring parties
  • Googoo Gaga reserves the right not to sponsor a party or parties, if no qualifying nominee(s) are available
  • Googoo will decide in their sole discretion who will receive a sponsored party
  • No bribing, or other forms of coercion to select a specific nominee, will be tolerated
  • Cancellations without proper cause, can result in a permanent ban from the Fund.